The Overview tab shows you a complete view of an app's metadata as currently published on the app stores.

Based on ASO's best practices, we provide you which metadata field(s) could be improved in terms of the format. The report does not judge content, however.

Once you have added your competitors, you can also take a look at their app store listing in comparison to yours.

Test your App Description and Compare your Keyword Density with your Competitors

As you already know, keyword density is very important in terms of app indexing and keyword ranking, especially on Google Play, since the algorithm uses the app description to rank apps on keywords.

You can actually test your new app description and get its keyword density instantly!

This makes it easier for you to see which keywords are the most commonly used amongst all descriptions. It also helps you compare directly keyword density across all tracked apps.

You can also test the app title, subtitle (iOS), promotional text (iOS), and short description (Google Play) as well.

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