To access our Market Intelligence insights you need to create a market. This allows you to see customized insights for the categories and countries that matter to you!

How to create your first market

  1. Click on the '+ new market' button in the top left

2. Select a store, device and business model.

3. Choose the countries you want to analyze. If you would like to get data for all supported countries, select 'all supported countries' at the top. Keep in mind that each country counts towards one credit.

4. Select the App Categories or Game Categories you want to analyze. When a category is faded, it means we don't have enough data at the moment to provide accurate estimates for this category. You won't be able to select these faded categories for your market.

In the top right you can keep track of your Estimated Credits. Keep in mind that you only have 100 credits available, unless you signed up for a custom plan. Each category and country combination counts towards 1 credit. If you see that you are running out of credits, try to remove a few irrelevant countries or categories.

5. Name your market and choose a colour. Enter a name for the market you just created and choose a colour to help it stand out in your dashboard.

6. Analyze! You are now ready to uncover unique insights for your customized market

Best practices to keep in mind when creating your market

  • You cannot edit a market. If you want to add or remove a category or country you will have to create a new market.

  • Try to stay away from selecting 'all countries'. Instead really focus on those countries that matter to your business.

  • For the most useful insights, only choose those categories that closely related to your app.

Next, discover unique insights and find new opportunities to grow your app or game!

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