Our Search Ads intelligence tool will help you understand the exact terms you are bidding on, and how your competitors measure up.

Go to the ASO Intelligence tool, select and app and go to the "Search Ads Intelligence" tab.

  1. Compare the terms you bid on with your competitors

Go to the "1 to 1 Comparison" tab and select one of your competitors. You can view all the keywords they're targeting and how many combinations of those keywords have ads placed on them.

You can first see which app is bidding on the most keywords and what are the keywords on which both of you bid the most.

In the Keyword table below, you can view all the keywords you bid on, and the number and exact search term combination of that keyword on which we've detected an ad. For example, you see that for "workout", both Adidas Running and Runkeeper are bidding, and Adidas has ads on 450 combinations of the term.

If you click on the number, you can see exactly what those combinations are.

You can also view a comparison of this data for all competitors at once in the "Cross Competition" tab.

2. Understand your ad visibility compared to competitors

Go to the "Organic Downloads" and "Paid Keywords" tabs.

You can see a different selection of keywords in each tab. For each keyword, you see whether or not we've detected an ad of your app, and how often the ad appears (Share of Voice). You also see which competitors ads are appearing and what SOV they have.

We fetch the ads once a day and calculate the SOV based on the results of the last 90 days.

"No bid" means that we haven't detected an ad in the last 90 days.

If you'd like to see the SOV result for a keyword that is not in the table, you can type it in the search bar.

The keywords that appear in the Organic Downloads and Paid Keywords tab have been selected because they are considered to be important organic keywords.

We also have a similar feature for Google UAC!

3. Analyze your SOV in-depth for specific keywords

Our In-Depth study will give you a much more precise SOV per keyword because we will fetch the ads appearing on that keyword much more often. You will also see the history of the SOV, whereas you only get the daily SOV in the Organic Downloads and Paid Keywords tab.

You just need to add a keyword and we will start fetching data. Depending on whether or not we've been fetching advanced ads for that keyword already, it can take up to 48 hours to show the results.

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