If you have Google Ad campaigns running, you probably want to know where Google is placing your ads. It's possible with our Ad Intelligence feature!

Go to the ASO Intelligence section, select an app, and click on the "Ad Intelligence" tab.

1. Discover which of your competitors are also running Google Ad campaigns

In the tab "1 to 1 Comparison" tab, you can pick one of the competitors you're tracking and see how their Google Ad campaign compares to yours.

AppTweak shows here a historic log of all the keywords for which we have found ads in the past for your app and your competitors. It's a great source of information to understand your Search Ads Visibility and find new keyword opportunities.

The venn diagram gives an idea of search ads visibility and shows which app has bid on the most keywords. You can also use this feature to see how many keywords are unique to your search ads campaign and on how many keywords both apps have run ads on in the past.

2. Discover exactly which terms your ads are placed on

In the "1 to 1 Comparison" tab, scroll down to the keyword table. You can view all the terms you have bid on in the past. The "count" metric indicates how many of your paid keywords actually contain that specific term.

For example, you see that for "running", both Adidas Running and Nike Run Club have ads. But Adidas has bid on 138 keywords that contain the term running, whereas Nike Run Club has only bid on 126 combinations.

If you click on the number of combinations, we show you exactly all the combinations. That way, you have a very detailed understanding of all the terms on which you are ad has been placed!

All this data is an excellent source of information to help you find new keyword ideas for your search ads campaign. By scanning through the keywords that are unique to your competitor's you can find new opportunities to bid on.

3. Compare your ad visibility to your competitors

How well protected are you on your top organic keywords? Who might be stealing away downloads by running an ad at the top of the search results? You can find out with the Organic Keyword Protection feature.

You can see a different selection of keywords in each tab. For each keyword, you see whether or not we've detected an ad of your app, and how much of the time it appears (Share of Voice). You also see which competitors ads are appearing and what SOV they have.

For example, for the keyword "adidas running", which has a volume of 38 and on which the Adidas app ranks first organically, the Adidas ad is appearing 28% of the time, the Nike ad is appearing 23% of the time. The Adidas training app ad is appearing 19% of the time, and there are 3 more ads that are placed on that keyword (you can click to see which).

If you'd like to see who is running ads on a keyword that is not in the table, you can type it in the search bar.

We fetch the ads once a day and calculate the SOV based on the results of the last 90 days. "No bid" means that we haven't detected an ad in the last 90 days.

Can't find any ads for your app? AppTweak emulates a wide variety of profiles to simulate searches on the App Store on a daily basis to fetch keyword rankings and discover ads. If you don't see the keywords your app is bidding on, you have likely chosen to target your ads to specific regions, age ranges, or users with specific privacy settings only. As a result, it is possible Apple is not showing your ads to the personas we emulate.

4. Find out which keywords your competitors are currently bidding on

In the Paid Keywords section you can see who else is running ads on your paid keywords. But more interestingly you can also spy on your competitor's keywords and find out which keywords they are currently bidding on.

We fetch the ads once a day and calculate the SOV based on the results of the last 90 days. You can export this list by clicking on the "export" button at the top right.

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