After you create your account on AppTweak, let's get started on how to get acquainted with our platform when it comes to adding your app to your dashboard!

First Option: Click on ' + Add an app'

1. On your dashboard, simply click on '+ Add an app'.

2. The first step is to Find your app in the Play Store, AppStore IPHONE, or AppStore IPAD.

2. Add the countries you'd like to analyze your app in. You can also choose the respective language that is available for each country.

3. Add your competitors. We automatically generate a list of suggested competitors for your app in its respective country. However, you can always search for specific competitors in the search bar. You can always add and delete competitors as you wish.

4. Start analyzing a few keywords for your app! We provide some suggested keywords tailored towards your app to get started with. However, you can always add keywords at a later time.

5. Confirm that everything looks good and add the app to your dashboard!

Second Option: Using the Search Bar to Add an App

Another simple way to add an app to your dashboard is to search for an app by its name, app ID, or URL. Once you pick the country and app in the Play Store, AppStore IPHONE, or AppStore IPAD, you will be re-directed to its app page.

Click on 'Add to my dashboard' and now you're following the app in your dashboard!

Why can't I find my app? If the app you're looking for has is very low in rankings or has only been published for a few days with not many downloads, it’s possible that we won’t be able to find it.

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