The Overall Keyword Performance Report feature is the best way to measure the evolution of your performance. It was created to give a complete view of your install growth, across all keywords on which you rank (not just keywords that you track in your AppTweak account).

⚡️ Because we show data related to any relevant keyword tracked by AppTweak instead of data limited to the keywords tracked in your account, this feature is only available to our Power plans and above.

You can access the feature by going into the "Keyword" tab and clicking on "Keyword Master".

The report can take a few minutes to generate and is updated every few days.

Overview of Keywords

You can see the total daily organic installs that your app gets from being visible in the search results of keywords, along with the total number of keywords you are ranked.

  • Daily Organic Installs from Keywords: The sum of the estimated organic installs of all the ranked keywords on the last day of the report. No data and unranked keywords are excluded in this section. The growth indicates the difference between the last day of the report and the selected comparison date.

  • Total Ranked Keywords: The total number of keywords for which the app ranked in the top 500 on the last date of the report. No data and unranked keywords are excluded in this section

  • Number of Installs by Rank: The app's total installs spread by position in the search results

  • Number of Installs by Volume: The app's total installs spread by keyword volume

  • Brand vs Generic Keywords chart: The app's total installs spread by keyword type (brand vs. generic)

By switching to the "Total Keywords" view, you can combine that with a report on the number of keywords of a specific rank and a specific volume for which your app is visible.

Keyword History

In this section, you can analyze the growth in organic installs or keyword rankings for the selected date range.

View the growth by Installs by Ranks, Installs by Volume, and Generic vs Brand.

For each type of insight, you have access to the detailed historical data, going back one year.

Keyword Impact

If this section looks familiar, we also have the Keyword Impact section in the Keyword Tab > Monitoring > Keyword Impact.

❗️ Instead of analyzing the keyword list, you built, this Keyword Impact section contains your top 200 keywords selected among ALL the keywords on which you rank (and not based on the keywords you track).

You can filter the list and view the volume growth, install growth, and rank growth of those keywords over the selected period of time.

⚠️ This feature is only available for countries where Apple Search Ads are available. It is available for Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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