If you have very little time to dedicate to ASO, this feature is for you! AppTweak will generate a keyword list (up to 100 keywords) relevant to your app that will be a strong base for your analysis and will help you decide quickly which keywords to use in your metadata. All in one click!

⚡️ This is a premium feature for Guru plans and above.

⚠️ This feature is only available for the US, the UK, France, Germany, and Spain (iOS and Google Play). We will gather feedback before releasing more countries!

Automatically generate a brainstorm list

To use this feature, go to the "Keyword Tab", click on "Generate Brainstorm List" next to your keyword lists.

This will take a bit of time since our algorithm is identifying thousands of keywords related to your app or apps similar to yours!

Step 1: When the list is ready, you will see a notification.

Step 2: You can find Brainstorm List among your Keyword Lists via the drop-down menu.

How does it work?

  1. AppTweak fetches the top 2 suggested competitors of the respective app, metadata keywords, all keywords the apps are ranked on in the top 10 (iOS) or top 30 (Google), all recommendations from Apple Search Ads, and all Apple and Google auto-suggestions for those keywords.

  2. We remove all the "stop" words like "free", "app", "the" etc., as well as any brand keywords

  3. We remove all low-volume keywords and typos, and clean keywords that are in another language than the one you generated the list in.

Once all that is done automatically, we take the 100 keywords with the best volume and put them in a list for you!

Next Steps: Identify the keywords with the highest potential for your app!

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