Q. If the same keyword is followed on more than one list, is it counted for every list it appears on, or is it only counted once?

If it is the same keyword tracked in the same store, same country, and same language, it will be counted only once (even if it appears in several keyword lists and user accounts). Therefore, if you track the same keyword in two different stores, countries, or languages, it counts as two keywords.

Q. How often are the Keyword Table KPIs / metrics updated?

Our Keyword Table is updated every 24 hours. You can find the next update date at the bottom of the Keyword Table. It is usually every day at 5 PM CET.

Q: How are the Installs Estimates per Keyword calculated?

We built a model to estimate the keyword installs for any app in the stores

We fed our deep learning model with the newly collected data from the thousands of apps connected to AppTweak. For each app-keyword combination, we considered features related to:

  • The app’s metadata

  • The app’s rank on that keyword

  • The keyword’s search popularity

  • Whether the keyword was branded and (if so) the brand owner

  • The country

Using our expertise in deep learning (check out this article on our download estimates), we knew we could train a model to learn the relationship between these attributes and the number of daily organic downloads.

💡Check out this blog article to learn more about our App Keyword Installs Estimates.

Q. For Google Play, why do I see different category ranking or keyword ranking on AppTweak vs my phone?

Google shows keyword/category ranking differently depending on the user due to personalization. The same app on Google Play can have different rankings from your phone vs your colleagues. AppTweak tries to provide what the majority of the users see from our tool.

Q. Why am I redirected to the pricing page when trying to add a keyword?

You’ve most probably exceeded your keywords allowance. You can either delete some keywords or upgrade your account to track more keywords.

Each plan is set up to track a different amount of keywords.

Starter plan: track up to 400 keywords

Pro plan: track up to 1,500 keywords

Guru plan: track up to 2,500 keywords

Power plan: track up to 6,000 keywords

Enterprise plan: track up to 80,000 keywords

If you are unsure which plan is best for you, feel free to reach out at info@apptweak.com. We can help you find the best plan for you.

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