How can I see the top 10 ranking apps on a keyword?

To check which apps are ranked in the top 10 for a particular keyword, you can use our Live Search button.

Why am I redirected to the pricing page when trying to add a keyword?

You’ve most probably exceeded your keywords allowance. You can either delete some keywords or upgrade your account to track more keywords.

Each plan is set up to track a different amount of keywords.

Starter plan: track up to 400 keywords

Guru plan: track up to 2500 keywords

Power plan: track up to 6000 keywords.

Enteprise plan : Track 12,000 keywords or more

You can delete some keywords at any time by going to "My Account > Plan Usage".

Note: if you track the same keyword in two different stores, countries, or languages, it counts as two keywords.

If you need more keywords, we can create a custom plan just for you! Feel free to reach out at

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