Note: this feature is only available on our Guru and Enterprise paid plans. It is not available on the free trial. Get in touch if you want to skip the trial and access this data right away! 

Yes! We do provide iOS revenue estimates over time and across countries (and are working on adding Google Play Store download estimates.)

Start by searching for the Apple App Store app you want to spy and track. Then, click on the “Analytics” tab.

To view the number of app downloads, click on “Revenue estimates”.

This section gives a great overview of any apps installs and global presence.

The first graph displays the app’s total and daily revenue (in USD) for a specific period of time. Mouse-over each portion to see the exact data per day.

The data presented in this graph are displayed in a detailed table right below as well.

By clicking on "World Map", you get a handy world map allowing you to view the app’s revenue across countries for the specific time range selected. This gives you a nice overview of its worldwide performance.

Here as well, if you mouse-over any country, you get the exact revenue per country. The table below offers another view of the revenue data.

Read this post to know how we calculate Download & Revenue estimates through Machine Learning. 

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