In the Analytics section, you have the option to sync your iTunes Connect account. This will give you additional insights to the usual features for your own app such as: 

  1. Exact number of downloads.
  2. Exact amount of revenue.
  3. Conversion rates.
  4. Number of impressions (the # of times your app is viewed in the app store results).
  5. Conversion rate of impressions/pageviews (how many users do open your app page after viewing it in the search results).
  6. Pageviews (the # of times your app page is viewed).
  7. Conversion rate of pageviews/downloads (how many users have actually downloaded your app after viewing its page).

You can choose the device of your choice, the displayed date range, the type of graph and finally you can export all the data into Excel.

This data is coming directly from Apple. See all details in this blog post

Note: We're working on adding the possibility to synchronize your Google Play Developer Console as well. Stay tuned! 

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