1. You can quickly discover which keywords are popular checking out their Volume (Search Popularity). The Volume is an indicator between 1 and 100 that indicates the volume of searches for the particular keyword. The higher the number, the higher the volume!

See this post for more information on the Volume (Search Popularity). 

2. You can also get an idea of which keyword are popular in your category. These are most popular keywords of the apps in your category ranking in the first 50 spots.

3. You can check out the auto-suggestions from Apple or Google and the trending keywords. The suggestions from Apple or Google are the keywords suggested to users once typing in the search bar - they indeed have very high volume of searches. 

The trending keywords are keywords popular at a given point in time. If they are relevant to your app, you can always benefit from their popularity.

You can also check the Top & Worst Growth keywords, showing the keywords with the greatest positive (or negative change in Search Popularity). This allows you to see the changing trends in keyword search, and monitor keywords accordingly.

For the chosen period of time, we calculate the change in Search Popularity score across all followed keywords for the given country and language. You can sort them by 'Best Search Popularity Growth' (greatest popularity increase), or 'Worst Search Popularity Growth' (greatest popularity decrease).

The up/down arrow (left of the keyword) shows the amount of change, and the numbers at the right (e.g. 6 > 20 ) show the start/end popularity values for the date range. Supported countries are the countries supported by Search Ads. 

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