With Search Ads, Apple allows App publishers to bid (no minimums and no exclusives) on Search Ads to make their app appear at the top of the search results on specific queries.

One Search Ad will be displayed at a time, showing the same content as organic app results in the App Store listing but they will be colored in blue with an “Ad” icon.

Through this section, you are able to get both Search Ads Recommended and Related Keywords for any app of the Apple App Store. Plus, their official Search Popularity indicator (number between 5-100) will be displayed right next to them. Find more info in this article

This feature is available for Keywords in the US, UK, AUS, NZL, CA, MX and CH. As soon as Apple rolls out to additional countries and languages, AppTweak will provide them.

We also have an complete Search Ads Intelligence Dashboard, providing you insights on top bidding keywords and top bidding apps Share of Voice (SOV) spread. All details here

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