The "Keywords Monitoring" tab provides you with an overview of how well your selected keywords have been performing (keywords from your selected keywords list). 

The Visibility Score graph shows the progression of your app’s visibility in the store in comparison with your competitors. No numbers are displayed here: this graph helps you to understand your ASO performance (and your competitors’) on the keywords you followed, over time, through trending curves.

To calculate this score, we take into account:

  •  Your app's (and your competitors') overall rankings for all the keywords coming from the given keyword list. 
  • The keywords' Search Popularity.

If our algorithm notices an increase in rankings on popular keywords, your Keywords Visibility Score will increase, as your app will be more visible on the store.

All trending curves start at 0%, on the date of reference you've chosen. You can then track your Visibility progression and compare it with your competitors over time. 

The Top 10 and Worst 10 Keyword Ranking Progression show the keywords for which your app has won or lost the most ranks since yesterday, last week, last 30 days or last 90 days.

This section is extremely helpful in order to monitor your global visibility on your keywords list. Make sure to create smaller lists of keywords in order to have a specific view on your keyword ranking performance for specific terms. 

You then get a whole recap table with your both your app's and your competitors' ranks & growth on all the selected keywords. 

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