The Volume (Search Popularity) is an indicator between 1 and 100 that indicates the volume of searches for the particular keyword. The higher the number, the higher the popularity of the keyword. 

For all keywords in the US, UK, AUS, NZ, CA, MX, CH, FR, ES, DE, IT, JP and KR, we provide you with the Exact Search Popularity as coming from Apple. 

As soon as Apple provides this score for other regions, we will add integrate them with no further delay. 

For other languages and for the Google Play Store, we are still relying on our own powerful formula. The parameters we consider are:

  • Keywords density in app titles, descriptions and reviews from all apps.
  • The level of popularity and usage of the keyword in the language.
  • The exact mobile web search volume.
  • The level of presence of the keywords in the hints (auto-suggestions) provided by Apple and Google.
  • The amount of keywords combined in key phrases.
  • Keyword’s length.

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