The ASO Score and App Power are metrics that indicate different things, therefore their scores will probably vary even if you’re taking a look at the same app. 

The ASO Score: It is a static score that gives users an idea of how well an app follows the ASO best practices in each of an app’s metadata elements. 

It has a scale from 0-100%, being 100% the highest and it is calculated by allocating points on certain elements of your metadata. The elements used to compute the ASO Score are:

  • App name
  • Short name (Google Play Store) or Subtitle (App Store)
  • App description
  • Screenshots
  • Promo video (Google Play Store) or App Preview (App Store)
  • App details (size of the app)
  • Backlinks (Google Play Store) or Versions (App Store)

The App Power: It is a unique KPI to measure the performance of an app. It gives you the most objective and accurate indication of any app’s overall performance in any country and store. 

It works on a scale of 0-100 and the higher your app power, the higher the visibility and footprint in the store. It is based on an app’s category ranking and overall ranking in a given country. 

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