How are the credits calculated for Market Intelligence?

The monthly subscription to the Market Intelligence starts at $299 for 100 credits (pricing subject to change according to billing country and currency.) These 100 credits can be used in both App Intelligence and Market Intelligence.

Credits are calculated as follows: number of categories x countries x stores

Ex. To analyze the Games Strategy and Games Simulation category in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store you need 12 credits (2 categories x 3 countries x 2 stores = 12 credits)

Can I have access to the Market Intelligence without an ASO Subscription?

The App & Market Intelligence comes as an add-on to your ASO subscription. You cannot purchase the App & Market Intelligence without having an ASO subscription. Subscriptions to our ASO intelligence start at $/€/£ 69 per month only.

How do I cancel my Market Intelligence subscription?

To cancel your Market Intelligence subscription, navigate to My Account > General Info > Manage Subscription. Underneath 'App & Market Intelligence', click on 'Cancel my App/Market Intelligence subscription'.

Note: when you cancel your App & Market Intelligence subscription, your ASO subscription will remain active. If you wish to cancel your ASO subscription as well, click on 'cancel my ASO subscription'

Why are certain countries and categories are disabled in Market Intelligence?

The countries and categories for which we currently do not have sufficient data are disabled or faded when creating a market.

More about our data

Since its creation, AppTweak has managed to gather the data of millions of apps across different categories and countries. This data has enabled us to compute a model that estimates the downloads and revenues of an app based on its category ranking.

To estimate the size of a category in a country, we sum the download or revenue estimates of all apps in that category and country.

To learn more about how we compute our estimates, check out this article.

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