AppTweak’s dashboard allows you to see all of followed apps and integrations by user account. This also allows each user to see their own work for an independent analysis from the rest of the users. 

There are two ways to add an app to your dashboard:

  1. Quick Add

Start by selecting your country and then type in the name of the app. You will then see a drop-down menu where you will see the app for the Apple and Goole App Stores. You will also see the iPhone and iPad versions if available, and other suggested apps.

You can directly click on your app to open it and start your analysis.  

If your app doesn’t show up immediately, just click enter and you will be redirected to all results for the Google Store, App Store - iPhone and App Store- iPad

Then, select your app by clicking on it. 

2. Advanced Add

Click on “Add an app”, then select your preferred device: Play Store, App Store- iPhone, or App Store iPad, and type in the name of your app. 

Continue by selecting one or many countries on which you wish to follow it and the language that of your preference. To add each country click on “Add”. Click on “Next” once you’re done. 

Add your competitors individually per country or in all countries at once if your app is available in the same store across countries. 

Before you finish adding your app, AppTweak will also suggest some keywords, you can select them by clicking on them. 

Finally, click on "Add to my dashboard" to confirm or go back to change something if needed. 

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