When you log in to AppTweak, you are sent to your main dashboard. You will easily identify all your followed apps and the integrations you have made to the App Store Connect and/or Google Play Console.

  1. Keep track of all your followed apps

You can start by applying different filters such as by app, country and/or store to easily find a specific app from your list. When you are done just click on “Clear Filters” for a new selection. 

Below the main filters, you will find a scroll-bar with all apps you follow, with all the same App ID (same app across countries). 

Just click on the app as a shortcut to immediately identify all the apps you follow of that same App ID. 

These apps are grouped by the number of different languages in different countries where you follow them. 

2. Keep track of all your integrations 

From the dashboard, you an also easily manage all your integrated apps. 

By integrating your AppTweak account to your App Store Connect and/or Google Play Console you will see information all in one place generate directly from the App Stores in a user-friendly interface. 

With the integration to Apple Store Connect we’ll provide you with:

  • Your app’s data instead of download estimates
  • The conversion rates from Impressions to Installs, Page Views to Installs and Impressions to Page Views
  • Your Impressions, Page Views and Installs by source
  • You’ll be able to fetch the keywords directly from your app store listing and add them to your keyword analysis

For Google Play Store, we’ll provide you with:

  • Your downloads and uninstalls instead of estimations
  • Your conversion rate by country and by channel
  • Your retention rate by country and channel
  • Google Keywords: access your Google install keywords in the keyword picking tool and in the analytics section with the possibility to export and filter by language. The export option is a unique feature because it is not possible in Google Console.

Once you integrate your App Store Connect and/or Google Play Console you can follow an app from the tab.

Finally, you can use the short-cuts in the main dashboard to jump directly into the section you wish to analyze.

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