The Story Views indicator estimates the number of impressions a Story has received in the Apple App Store

To compute this, we look at : 

  • Whether or not the Story was featured in the Today tab: that tab gets a lot of traffic and Apple puts a lot of work into providing daily content for the users. Therefore, when a Story is featured there, it is given a huge visibility potential.

  • The position of the Story in the Today tab: the higher the position, the more visibility the Story has.

  • The number of keywords a Story ranks on: a Story isn’t only visible on the Today tab, but can also rank among keyword search results. When we compute the number of impressions of a Story, we also take into account the number of keywords that story has been ranking on over the last 30 days.

  • The keywords' volume: if the Story ranks on high volume keywords, it will have muchIf the Story ranks on high volume keywords, it will have much more views than a Story that ranks on keywords that are barely searched. 

  • The number of days a Story ranked on a keyword

  • The ranking position of the Story on the keywords: just like keyword volume, position of Story on a keyword also impacts the total views of that Story. The lower the Story ranks on a word, the lower its potential views from that word.

  • The country the Story appeared in: another major element that impacts the Story Views indicator is the country in which that Story appeared. Of course, the US App Store drives much more daily traffic than the Belgian App Store. The Story Views estimates the total views a Story received over the last 30 days in a given country.

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