The integration with the Google Play Console allows users to view their Google Play Install Keywords. 

Additionally, you’ll see your Google install keywords in the keyword picking tool and in the analytics section with the possibility to export them (not possible in the Google Play Console). Also, you’ll be able to filter the keywords by language.

1. How to add the integration

To add this integration, you need to go to "Add an integration" anywhere in the app, or go to "My Account", "Integrations", "Add an integration". Select the Google Play Install Keywords and follow the steps.

Once you’ve completed the integration, the admin of the Play Console will receive an email with the confirmation code. If this is not you, please ask your colleagues if they received the code.

If your company has already made the GP install keywords integration for another user, you just need to add the code they received in your AppTweak account to be able to view the data.

If the code is correct, there will be a success message confirming the integration and the list of apps he now has access to. 

It can take several minutes for the data to appear in the Analytics Section. In the Picking Tool, a cache is applied for 12 hours, therefore the user might have to wait the next day to see the data in this section even though it is already loaded in Analytics. 

If the code indicated is wrong, AppTweak shows a "Synchronisation Failed" message.

2. Visualize your Installs Keywords

In the "Analytics" tab, you will be able to view your keywords.

In the "Keywords" tab, we will add the Installs Keywords as a keyword source in the "Keyword Research" tool so you can easily add them to your keyword list.

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