It is currently not possible for multi-users to share or sync their dashboard with each other. All users have their own space, completely independent from the others, even if they share the same account.

The best way is share a dashboard with multiple users is to share the same credentials to login to AppTweak. 

Don't forget that you can use the "copy to clipboard" button at the bottom of your keyword list ("Keywords Analysis") to copy the all the keywords you are tracking on each list, comma separated. Other users can simply paste this list in their own Keywords Analysis and therefore, easily track the same keywords. 

We're working hard on improving the way we deal with multiple users. Stay tuned!

ps: The total tracked apps, keywords and competitors are shared between all users. The same keyword tracked by 2 different users will be counted as 2, except if the keyword is tracked on the same store, app, country and language (in this case, the keyword will be counted only once in the total). Same rule goes for the tracked apps and competitors. 

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