When optimizing your app on the Google Play Store, you can base your ASO work following this checklist:

To increase your visibility: 

  • App Name
    Create a descriptive and consistent sentence reflecting your app’s purpose
    - Should be memorable and complementary to your app icon
    - Include your strongest keywords (and place them at the very beginning if possible)
    - Localize your app title for each targeted language
    - Characters limit: 50

  • Short description
    Should be used as complement of the app name
    - Include strong keywords
    - Don’t repeat keywords used in the app name
    - Characters limit: 80

  • Long description - indexed & high weight on the algorithm
    Use all available characters
    - Repeat targeted keywords (+/- 15) 4-5 times each
    - Use various keyphrases combinations
    - Focus on keywords density
    - Avoid keyword stuffing!
    - Must be easy to read, convincing, engaging
    - Focus on the first 255 characters (3 lines) to showcase your best features and include a CTA
    - Use bullet points to list your features
    - Include mentions, awards or nice reviews
    - Localize your copy for each targeted language
    - Characters limit: 4000

  • Reviews & ratings - heavy weight on the algorithm
    Try to get as many reviews & ratings as possible
    - Make sure to keep a high average rating
    - Reply to negative reviews
    - Use a 2-step pop up notification process to ask your users if they like your app or not. If they do, ask them to rate your app; if they don’t, ask their feedback
    - Ask your surroundings, family, friends and anyone you can to rate your app on its launch
    - Encourage users to +1 your app 

To increase your conversions: 

  • App icon
    Your app’s first impression
    - Use a single focus point to capture attention
    - Use High-res and optimize size for each device
    - Make it descriptive, unique, simple
    - Avoid transparency
    - Avoid text, use a border
    - Test it against different wallpapers
    - Combined with your app name, your app icon should reflect your app’s purpose
    - Requirements: 

  • File format: 32-bit PNG (with alpha)

  • Icon size: 512 x 512px

  • Maximum file size: 1024kb

  • Screenshots
    - Very important in terms of conversion
    - Use all available 8 screenshots slots
    - Make your screenshots high-res and well-designed
    - Show off 1 feature per screenshot - you can also combine both your 1st and 2d screenshot making it into one
    - Use a small sentence on the top of each screenshot to increase comprehension and conversion
    - Localize your screenshots for each language
    - A/B test your screenshots
    - Will be displayed on your feature graphic if you have one
    - Optimize your screenshots for each screen size
    - Requirements: 

  • Minimum dimension: 320px 

  • Maximum dimension: 3840px

  • The maximum dimension of your screenshot can't be more than twice as long as the minimum dimension.

  • Promo video  
    Highly recommended as it‘s very powerful in terms of conversion
    - Demonstrate your app’s best features
    - Focus on the first seconds of your video
    - A/B test your app previews
    - Duration: any Youtube video of 30sec - 2min 

As final tips, don’t forget to:

  • Monitor competition (AppTweak can effectively help you track the ASO strategy and Search Ads strategy of your competitors!)

  • Updates & releases: try updating your app’s ASO monthly
    - Monitor your keywords and assets performance to optimize your app’s visibility and conversion
    - Track your competitor's ASO to build your own strategy
    - Track app store trends to stay updated to the latest algorithm changes (check our blog for the latest news & hacks)

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